The Original That Became a Hit Because of a Remake.

Let’s digress for a bit. In the late 1960’s, record companies would have great hope for the A side of a single recorded by a studio group. Since there were two sides to a record, the record company would have to find something to use as the B side.

Cliff Nobles was a singer. He formed a singing group called Cliff Nobles and Company. In 1968 they recorded a record called Love is Alright.

That song didn’t get much interest. However, DJ’s across the US did like the flip side — the same recording but sans the vocals, and The Horse — staple of high school marching bands — was born, reaching number 2 of the US Pop charts. Cliff Nobles really had nothing to do with the instrumental, but the musicians went on to become MFSB in the 1970’s.

The late 1960’s was the era of Bubble Gum music. Producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz were two of the biggest names in that style of music. They did not want their intended A side to be overshadowed by the B side, so in 1969, when they released the 1910 Fruitgum Company record Indian Giver, this is what Kasenetz and Katz put on the B side:

To save you the effort, that is a song called Bring Back Howdy Doody played, obviously , backwards. Interesting to note that the people given label credit for Pow Wow were not the people who wrote Bring Back Howdy Doody.

In the early 1960’s, Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer had a doo-wop band in Connecticut. In the late 1960’s, they got a contract with a major record label. The had submitted four songs, and the company wanted to release all four as A sides — requiring them to find B sides. For their first record, called Tell Tale Signs, they resurrected something they had written a few years before. For the instruments, they added some keyboard in the studio and spliced together some old drum tracks. They didn’t have enough lyrics to make the song long enough, so they improvised. “Na Na Hey Hey” is ancient Latin for “We didn’t have enough lyrics but this is just B side filler so it wasn’t worth actual writing more.” Again, the B side got more interest than the A side.

I could not even find the A side on YouTube.

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